Umno getting too close to PAS, becoming racist, say Sabah defectors

Jason Santos

The anti-ICERD rally over last weekend was notable for the show of strength by Umno and PAS members, which allegedly upset many Sabah Umno members. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Kamal Ariffin, December 13, 2018.

THE fear of Umno becoming too Islamic-centric and getting closer to PAS were the main reasons for the exodus of its Sabah members, sources said.

They said former Sabah Umno liaision chief Hajiji Mohd Noor, who led the exodus, was referring to the growing friendship between Umno and PAS when he said the Umno leadership lacked political direction. 

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  • Hadi Awang is a political leper.
    Cooperation with him ,is deadly.
    Leprosy is contagious.
    UMNO will be a leper soon.
    The Sabah exodus is the symptom of the deadly disease.
    More will spread.

    Posted 2 years ago by SmartTraveler *

    • Perhaps very unfortunately for Malaysia. We need a strong opposition. Who is going to play this role? We could be headed for another quasi-one-party state, i.e. BN 2.0, under the same man who consolidated the first round of the quasi-one-party authoritarian state... I don't see this as necessarily good news. However, we can hope that, even if UMNO-BN collapse completely, perhaps over time PH will split up into different (and hopefully progressive) coalitions. Malaysia is at a crossroads.

      Posted 2 years ago by Anak Kampung

    • The fact of the case is be a meaningful and productive opposition, the first thing one needs is credibility. Perhaps they should get that back first.

      Posted 2 years ago by Ebrahim Mohideen

  • mean last decades not racist meh...PH will become next BN2.0...for sure...same monkeys looking after the banana plantation...

    Posted 2 years ago by KC Yip

  • UMNO has been racist for decades, this seems just to be an excuse. A more plausible reason could be that UMNO Sabah are the beneficiaries of Projek IC carried out under Tun Dr Mahathir and so their allegiance is to the man rather than the party. If so, we could be headed for very interesting times in Sabah once the PM changes... (and even now);

    Posted 2 years ago by Anak Kampung

    • If the above hypothesis is true, the Sabah UMNO reps will end up joining another racist party: BERSATU. Let's wait and see what happens.

      Posted 2 years ago by Anak Kampung