Attacks on Selangor players to sow fear, say fans

Faisal Halim is among the Selangor FC players who have been physically attacked this month. – The Vibes file pic, May 24, 2024.

SELANGOR fans believe their football club is being targeted by a hidden hand after another player, Ahmad Khuzaimi Piee, became a victim of a crime on Wednesday.

The defender’s home was burgled while he was away at training.

On May 6, flamboyant winger Faisal Halim suffered fourth-degree burns after he was splashed with acid by an unidentified individual at a shopping mall in Petaling Jaya.

Selangor FC chief executive officer Johan Kamal Hamidon was said to have received a threatening phone call from an unidentified person telling him he would be the next acid attack victim. It was reported that Johan received the call while visiting Faisal in hospital. Johan has filed a police report.

Fans told The Vibes the latest incident involving Khuzaimi was no coincidence because the coaching staff and the club CEO have also been threatened.

Club being targeted

A 38-year-old fan, who wished to be identified as Fathi, said the motive for the attacks was to create fear among the players.

He said this was to demoralise the team.

“It is to cause fear among the players as it would worry them and they would not perform well on match day.

“Of course, players will prioritise their wellbeing and their family’s safety above anything else.

“They might not even show up for training because they need to leave their families behind.

“I am concerned about this scenario. I hope this cowardly act will stop,” Fathi said.

Earlier yesterday, Khuzaimi’s home in Shah Alam was burgled while he was away for training.

Police said two suspects came in a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), broke into the home, and fled with a Yamaha Y15 motorcycle, four branded sling bags, and a passport.

Following the horrific acid attack on Faisal and threats made to Selangor FC team officials, Khuzaimi now fears for his family’s safety.

He is afraid his home address could get into the wrong hands after the burglars took his passport.

“My greatest worry now is the stolen passport with our village address. I fear for my family’s safety in the village,” Khuzaimi told Timesport in a quavering voice.

At the time of the break-in, Khuzaimi was not at home, and his wife and child were in Malacca.

Selangor FC player Ahmad Khuzaimi Piee finds his home ransacked and motorcycle missing yesterday when he returns home from training on Wednesday. – Screenshot, May 24, 2024.

A fan in Klang said it was clear that Selangor has been “marked” by certain quarters.

He said although there were two other players from Terengganu and Johor who were robbed last month, none of their officials or players were attacked like Faisal.

“I do feel there is an agenda against Selangor. Faisal was the first, then the CEO and the staff were threatened.

“Now Khuzaimi’s home was burgled. This will impact the focus of the players.

“Of course, the club can provide security on match day or during training but at home, unless they hire their own security guards, who can guarantee it?

“It has never occurred to any club or any player, especially in the Malaysian league.

“Moreover, we are not as big as other clubs in other countries. So to me, this is uncalled for. Threatening someone because of sports is just comical and childish,” said Azri Ismail of Banting.

The Vibes is still trying to get a reaction from Johan.

Getting out of hand

A fan from Meru said the matter could get out of hand if the police fail to apprehend the people responsible for the attacks and the threats.

The fan said other Selangor players would fear that the acid attack against Faisal could also happen to them.

“Whether the assailants have their own agenda against Selangor or not, that is another matter. But other players would surely be worried that the same could happen to them.

“I have heard rumours, so many rumours. People will not stop speculating. The police have to act fast and find the people responsible so that the fans and players can feel safe.

“I feel sorry for the players who have to watch their backs all the time. Their children and wives must also be scared,” said 45-year-old Amran.

Selangor are currently in seventh position in the Malaysian League, having won their game against Kedah last week.

Selangor, however, conceded the season opener’s Charity Shield to Johor Darul Ta’zim after the Red Giants refused to go into the game following the attack on Faisal.

Idzwan Zainuddin, 38, in Shah Alam, said Khuzaimi could have been a random victim.

“I don’t think it was planned or that Selangor is being targeted unless a more players are attacked and hurt.

“The threats against the CEO and staff could have been made by those who want to see Selangor in turmoil. For now, I do not believe we are targeted.”

Last week, the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) asked the Malaysian Football League to tighten security for the safety of players, especially when they travel to and from stadiums for matches.

FAM deputy president Yusoff Mahadi emphasised the importance of player safety, especially after the previous incidents involving three footballers.

Terengganu FC loan player Muhammad Akhyar Abdul Rashid was the first to be attacked when he was set upon by two robbers in Kuala Terengganu on 2 May. He suffered injuries to his head and leg.

Then Faisal was splashed with acid outside a shopping complex in Petaling Jaya before Johor Darul Ta’zim player Safiq Rahim, who is also on the national team, had the rear windscreen of his car smashed with a hammer by two men on a motorcycle in Johor Baru on May 7.

Meanwhile, in the burglary of Khuzaimi’s home on Wednesday, Shah Alam police chief Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim said two suspects went to the house in a white MPV. One of them escaped with the motorcycle while the other drove away. – May 24, 2024.

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