DPM says Indian youths should be involved in high-tech TVET

Zahid Hamidi says that the Malaysian Indian Community Transformation Unit will deal with the problems among these community. – Facebook pic, January 21, 2024.

DEPUTY Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is advocating for a focus on and opportunities to be provided for Indian youths in pursuing high-tech technical and vocational education and training (TVET).

In his role as the national TVET council committee chairman, Zahid emphasised the importance of enhancing the standard of living for the group through education and addressing social issues within the Indian community.

“We (the government) pay attention especially to urban poverty, to address it not only in the form of support but (we) must restructure the economic position through education.

“Although the Malay and Bumiputera communities are greatly affected, efforts to serve all races must be improved, and the best method is through education,” he said at the 2024 Unity Ponggal celebration today.

He said that among the high-tech TVET areas identified were AI, electric vehicles and hydrogen-related technology, which would allow TVET graduates to be able to continue working in important sectors.

“We have collaborated with industry players, meaning that TVET graduates will continue to work with companies in Malaysia and internationally. We will also focus on the youths of the Indian community, and I will make sure it is implemented this year,” he said.

In the meantime, Zahid said that the Malaysian Indian Community Transformation Unit will deal with the problems among these people, and suggest that more places be provided for Indian youths who are school-leavers and those who have dropped out of education, in TVET institutions.

“We will match their interest in certain fields, to be trained in TVET and collaborate with technical institutions and universities in India so that we can promote TVET,,” he said.

Regarding the proposed establishment of the Malaysian Gig Economy Commission, Zahid said that he will ensure that the matter is realised, to safeguard the welfare of more than 1.2 million gig workers.

“Although there are some constraints, I am sure, with the prime minister, to realise the commission; I brought (the proposal) a while ago and will realise it with the approval of the Cabinet,” he said. – Bernama, January 21, 2024.

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