A security guard raises the bar

Mustafa K. Anuar

Former health minister Dr Zaliha Mustafa has praised security guard R. Yogeswary for her helpfulness towards hospital patients and visitors. – Dr Zaliha Mustafa Facebook pic, December 22, 2023.

Commentary by Mustafa K. Anuar 

R. YOGESWARY’S persistence in going beyond the call of duty should not go unnoticed by the general public.  

That is why the 44-year-old security guard, who works at the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital in Ipoh, was awarded a Pingat Pangkuan Negara by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong at Istana Negara recently. 

She was among the 298 recipients at the investiture ceremony, which was held in conjunction with the king’s birthday. 

What did she do to gain the commendation? Well, the Gerik native was said to have been helpful to patients and visitors in ways beyond the scope of her official duties. 

These included carrying things for them, controlling traffic at the parking lot, congratulating new mothers, and calming anxious patients. 

Her commitment to work made a difference to the social environment at the hospital concerned, bringing pride to it. 

Indeed, frontliners such as Yogeswary have a crucial role to play in putting a friendly face on establishments that provide essential services. These unsung heroes should not be taken for granted. 

She has raised the bar in terms of providing services to people of diverse backgrounds and needs. 

Yogeswary stands tall at a time when some of her counterparts have been busy measuring the length of skirts or shorts worn by visitors in order to admit or deny them entry to government premises. 

Presumably, moral policing, which is underpinned by race and religion, is neither on her mind nor a priority for her.  

Her dedication indicates that much productive work can be achieved if one is focused on serving people, irrespective of who they are. 

Her shared humanity guides her to treat people equally and with compassion, especially where understanding and empathy are much needed and appreciated under trying circumstances. 

There is perhaps a lesson to be learnt from Yogeswary by politicians, particularly those who spend so much time exploiting the tired formula of race and religion for their own ends. 

These politicians should, instead, find an effective formula to help improve the living conditions of the B40 and the marginalised without considering which ethnic community they came from.

In doing so, they would help foster harmonious ethnic relations and at the same time play an effective role in nation-building. 

Yogeswary has shown that we can make a difference in our own little way. – December 22, 2023. 

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  • Congratulations, R. YOGESWARY. A shiny example that should be emulated by others. Even some of our politicians have much to learn from her - how to serve others selflessly.

    Posted 5 months ago by Ravinder Singh · Reply