J-Kom chief states intention to quit

Diyana Ibrahim

Mohammad Agus Yusoff has confirmed reports that he indicated to the prime minister his intention to quit as director-general of J-Kom, the controversial department for community communications. – Facebook pic, November 16, 2023.

MOHAMMAD Agus Yusoff has confirmed reports that he had indicated to the prime minister his intention to quit as director-general of the controversial department for community communications, also known as J-Kom. 

The former Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia academic said he had notified Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. 

He, however, said it was up to the prime minister to accept or reject his request. 

“I haven’t resigned yet, I have just sent a notice to resign. 

“Before you want to resign, you have to send a notice first. I don’t know if the prime minister will accept it or not,” he told The Malaysian Insight. 

Anwar is currently in San Francisco, United States attending the Apec Economic Leaders Meeting. 

Earlier today, quoting sources, several news media reported that Agus had already sent his resignation letter, but it had not yet been seen by the prime minister who was abroad. 

The same reports also said Agus has gone on leave until the end of his contract period, which is December 15. 

Agus denied he wanted to resign due to pressure from various parties who claimed he failed to carry out his duties. 

“This is not at the insistence of any party. 

“I got a new offer. The story of my resignation is not important… what is important is where Agus will go after this,” he said. 

Agus refused to discuss the new offer he received but instead said he was “still with the PH government”. 

“I will be in a job that suits my skills. I will continue to stand with the PH government against the narrative that is trying to topple it. 

“I didn’t quit because of pressure. Whoever sits in my place in J-Kom will face the same problems, (the same) expectations from various parties,” he added. 

Agus, a former political science lecturer, was appointed to lead J-Kom from February 2, 2023. 

However, J-Kom and Agus were severely criticised, especially by Pakatan Harapan (PH) supporters, for its alleged failure in defending government policies from opposition attacks. 

They singled out J-Kom’s poor record in defending the government over attacks on the cost of goods and inflation. 

Earlier this month, Agus defended J-Kom, denying that it was a government propaganda tool. 

“The opposition has to understand that J-Kom is not the government’s communication strategy team (Stratcom) but rather a community communication agency,” he said. 

Agus also dismissed suggestions that J-Kom be disbanded. 

“Who else wants to defend and promote all the good services of the government,” he said. 

Agus has also previously repeatedly insisted that J-Kom would continue to play a role in defending the prime minister and government policies from opposition attacks. – November 16, 2023. 

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