It’s lonely being Bersatu

It appears Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin has reached out to his former comrades and colleagues in the opposition for help, following the drubbings Perikatan Nasional received in the Malacca and Johor elections. – The Malaysian Insight filepic, April 6, 2022.

* Commentary by Mustafa K. Anuar

IN a move predicted by political pundits and observant Malaysians, Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin recently made overtures to leaders of opposition parties to form a united front against the Umno-Barisan Nasional juggernaut in the next general election.

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  • The behavior of the Malay elite today is nothing new. Its always got something to do with bad mouthing, back stabbing, envy and above all greed. Just look back at history the fall of Malacca if not a leader that is disgruntle paving the way for Portuguese to enter. Kedah had to give away Penang for been taken for a ride by the British who was playing both sides with Kedah and Siam then. The royal power struggle in Perak that leads to British stamps its mark there. Onn Jaafar had to leave umno cause he wanted to open umno to other races. Mahathir v Razaleigh is the starts of money politics and the creation of little Napoleons. To keep these little Napoleons under his thumb Najib embraced Cash is King to feed these lots, though he never claims to steal from 1MDB the facts remains billions went to his account so either he is lying or sleeping while guarding 1MDB. The fall of PH 22 months old government is also lead by none others by a group of Malay politicians. Pas was the champion for RUU 355 but made little effort in pushing it through while in government. In short the Malays are damm good at finding fault and excuses but never take real charge or change for the nation when given the power to do so except to enrich themselves. If ever they ever unite its all for the GE purposes but will they be sincere and honest enough after that? I guess we all know the answer to that.

    Posted 4 months ago by Teruna Kelana