Sakti wows audiences at PJ Performing Arts Centre

“SAKTI”, a mesmerising fusion of Malay folk tales, aerial artistry, and drumming theatre, has left PJ Performing Arts Centre audiences in awe and wonder, drawing parallels with the enchanting productions of Cirque du Soleil. 

The performance captured hearts with its poignant tale of a hero fisherman and the unforeseen consequences of his oceanic bounty.  

The seamless collaboration of “Ulek Mayang”, Viva Circus’ air artists, and the musicians of Hands Percussion breathed life into this timeless narrative, deeply moving the audience.  

The aerial acrobatics, executed with unmatched precision using specialist fabrics, showcased the drummers’ artistry in an entirely new light and left audiences transfixed by their prowess and dedication. 

The seamless blend of new and rearranged Malay song compositions, accompanied by contemporary music, drums, percussion, and gamelan, created a mesmerising tapestry of sound that transcended cultural boundaries.  

The incorporation of lasers and screen projection added a spellbinding layer of visual enchantment.

This multi-cultural and multiracial union of artists demonstrated the power of the arts in unifying people, bridging gaps, and dissolving barriers that seem insurmountable. 

Its profound storytelling, breathtaking acrobatics, and celebration of diverse cultural expressions are testaments to Malaysian creativity.

It is imperative that state governments recognise the significance of supporting and sponsoring such cultural endeavours as they exemplify the spirit of multiculturalism at a time when it is needed most. – August 2, 2023.  

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