Preserving the 'rumah limas' of Johor

Najjua Zulkefli

THE “rumah limas” is a unique legacy of the Malay community in Johor.

Elias Robani, 47, a woodcarver in Muar who builts and repairs traditional Malay houses, learnt the trade from his father.

Elias said each traditional Malay house has it own unique identity.

The “rumah limas” of Johor is identified by the its roof, which has a long ridge and is connected with five ridge racks and installed with sharp sticks called “tunjuk langit”.

Most of the houses are built from wood and have three sections: a front porch (serambi), a main living area known as “rumah ibu”, and a kitchen at the back.

The design features traditional elements applied such as “papan pemanis”, “tunjuk langit” and “tebar layar” on the roof and windows called “sisir angin” and “kekisi tingkap”.

Male guests usual gather at the front of the house and the women at the “rumah ibu” and kitchen. – March 6, 2022.

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