No chickening out for ayam ratu owners at rooster show

Nazir Sufari

GENG Peminat Ayam Ratu Selangor attracted 86 ayam ratu (rooster show) fans from across the state in the Pertandingan Kesenian dan Kecantikan Ayam Ratu Terbuka Selangor 2021 competition yesterday.

The group’s spokesperson, Mohd Basyir Basarahim, 36, said the show was the first in Selangor since the start of movement control order (MCO).

Basyir said the show was organised to give owners the opportunity to present the uniqueness of their respective pets.

“We discourage cockfighting, which is also against the law, so we took the initiative to organise this show,” Basyir said.

He added that the competition was divided into eight categories, including: adult Leung Hang Khao (LHK), young LHK, queen mother, colour, solid and various Roma.

“Competitions like this are usually organised in Thailand, and have been for more than three decades, but it was only first introduced in Malaysia in 2016.

“That is why we follow the Thai schema – the system, the jury and how to handle the competition – and even the jury need to get their certificates from Thailand.

“In the competition, the jury will consider several factors and award points for style, neatness of feathers, body, bones and the tail,” Basyir said.

In the competition, the winner of the solid category was won by a rooster named Thaici, owned by Pok Jak from Kuantan, who also won the overall ‘best of the best’ category.

Meanwhile, a contestant and former teacher Cikgu Zulkifly, in his 60s, from Johor said he started keeping roosters three years ago.

“I brought four roosters to participate but got no luck and I will try my best next time,” he said with a smile. – February 20, 2022.

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