Free Covid-19 quarantine, treatment centre for the poor

Afif Abd Halim

TRAVELODGE City Centre in Jalan Hang Kasturi, Kuala Lumpur, has been converted into a Covid-19 low-risk quarantine and treatment centre.

Catering for Categories 1 and 2 coronavirus patients in the low-income group, the centre is fully sponsored by Crisis Relief Services and Training Bhd (Crest Malaysia).

The centre, which opened on August 7, will house Covid-19 patients for 10 days, as instructed by the Health Ministry, for free.

Patients will need to pay a refundable deposit of RM100 at registration. Their bags will be searched for prohibited items, which include cigarettes and alcohol.

Dietary requests for religious and health reasons may be arranged in advance and approved based on availability. Patients are encouraged to bring their own snacks.

The facility has a medical team on standby. Patients are surveilled around the clock. 

Visitors are not allowed. – August 25, 2021.

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