Environmental group protests at Tugu Negara

Hasnoor Hussain

THE national monument, Tugu Negara is a symbolic place, in remembrance of the fallen soldiers who fought for Malaysia’s struggle for freedom. This morning, a group of activists from a coalition of civil society groups lay on the ground in front of the statue. The die-in, in front of the Tugu Negara is a performative demonstration that if the people fail to safeguard hard earned independence and democracy, they will not survive the climate crisis. 

Their statement, ‘There is no #ClimateJustice without #FreedomOfSpeech’, was read during the gathering of 12 people without any presence of authorities. The protest led by Klima Action Malaysia is a part of the global climate strike.

In a part of their statement, they called on the government to, in today’s pressing time of climate crisis, ensure environmental rights cannot be divorced from the rights of the people; environmental rights include the need to protect natural resources such as the forests, seas, rivers and air quality; the need to include biodiversity preservation in all developmental plans; the need to develop strategies for climate mitigation; and the right to demand a stop to overdevelopment that has destroyed the environment, that has killed our plants, animals and has eroded native land and cultural rights. – March 19, 2021.

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