Thaipusam chariot makes subdued journey to Batu Caves

Hasnoor Hussain Seth Akmal

FOR the first time, the silver chariot of Lord Muruga made its traditional journey from the Sri Mahariaman temple in Kuala Lumpur to the Sri Subramaniyar temple in Batu Caves accompanied by only 10 followers on the eve of Thaipusam, due to virus restrictions.

The chariot procession, which started in 1983, usually has at least 10,000 Hindu devotees in tow.

Such a large following and many stops along the way meant the chariot could take up to 16 hours to reach its destination. This year, however, the procession could proceed far more swiftly without the usual crowds and stops.

The silver chariot ferrying the statues of Lord Murugan and his two wives, Dewi Valli and Devi Theivanai set off after a prayer ceremony.

Thaipusam is a festival celebrated by Hindus worldwide in the month of Thai, the 10th month in the Tamil calender, to remember the event when Lord Murugan received a holy spear from his mother, Dewi Parvati, to fight the evil Soorapadman and return peace and prosperity to humankind. – January 27, 2021.

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