Ordinary ‘heroes’ of MCO

Hasnoor Hussain

WHEN the movement-control order (MCO) was imposed, many were excited to experience working from home, as part of efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19. But some sectors have been granted exemptions from the order – those in the essential services. Among the essential services are food supply, utilities, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, delivery and courier services, public transportation and certain areas of the manufacturing industry. 

The 14-day MCO is also the lifespan of Covid-19, hence the stay-home order is defined as mass quarantine among Malaysians. 

While a majority of Malaysians are staying at home, thousands are in the front line, carrying out their jobs serving, cleaning, securing, treating and working towards eliminating the pandemic. – March 23, 2020.

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  • thank you for mentioning all the heroes by name!

    Posted 6 months ago by Razaleigh zulkifli · Reply