Wake up and smell Kimanis coffee

Irwan Majid

THE Wong siblings are famous in Kg Ulu Kimanis, Batu 14 Kimanis, as wood-fired coffee roasters.

Sold under the Gold Star brand, the Wong family produce about 160kg of roasted coffee, which is then processed into powder and sold to distributors in Papar, Bongawan, Beaufort and Kota Kinabalu.

Wong Fui Ann, 50, and his two brothers Wong Fui Ping, 52, and Wong Fui Ming, 53, have been running the business since 1992.

An uncle, Patrick Wong, 70, also assists the siblings to roast beans imported from Indonesia.

The process takes about six hours from grinding the beans to roasting the ground beans in sugar, salt and margarine to produce powder sold to other distributors who repackage it as robusta, arabica and Ranau white coffee.

The Wongs roast the beans every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. – January 20, 2020.

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