Sabah’s Hallyu wave

Irwan Majid

SABAH’S magnificent and unique islands are a major attraction for South Koreans. Korean tourists flock to Sabah because of the beautiful sunsets and sea activities, such as snorkelling.

They are also drawn to the culture, local tradition and facilities offered by the state. There is also a sizeable Korean community in Kota Kinabalu who runs restaurants serving specialties from home.

Many of the Korean tourists are not interested in the cities. Instead, they make a beeline for the sea, jungles, mountain and topping their to-do list is to catch a glimpse of the spectacular sunset at the Tg Aru beachfront in Kota Kinabalu, dubbed one of the ‘best places on earth’ to view the sunset.

They swim, stay near the beach area and play in the sea daily. The sea is their life.

The Koreans are the second largest international arrivals market in Sabah after China. – January 7, 2020.

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