Mother of all tamu in Kota Belud

Irwan Majid

ONCE a year, Kota Belud hosts the Tamu Besar where people flock to this quaint district to join the festivities.

Tamu Besar is literally the biggest tamu organised throughout Sabah. It is a time when traders come out in full force with their best goods and the locals highlight the colourful culture of Kota Belud. 

Located about 75km from Kota Kinabalu and situated in Kg Siatai, it is a bustling market open as early as 5am where one can clearly see the melting pot of cultures, such as Bajau, Kadazandusun, Iranun, Chinese and others.

Visiting Tamu Kota Belud is a sensory experience of colourful handicraft, aromatic herbs, tasty food, texture and hum of a busy market. Some of the stalls are basic stands with trestle tables, others simply set up their wares on a plastic sheet on the ground. 

During this time, vendors, usually home entrepreneurs, farmers and small business owners, proudly set up their stalls to exhibit and sell a variety of fresh produce, home-made food and cakes and handicraft and traditional items they laboured over for a year to produce. – October 17, 2019.

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