Ip Man films about more than just nationalism

Nicholas Chan

The Ip Man films serve as good character studies about the juxtaposition of power and powerlessness and the finesse between power and pride, the writer says. – Facebook pic, September 8, 2022.

THE kerfuffle surrounding the massively successful film, Mat Kilau, has led to comparisons with the Ip Man films. Some used it to deflect criticisms by saying if the Chinese could have a movie such as Ip Man, why can’t the Malays just enjoy Mat Kilau without fuss?

As someone who hasn’t been back in my homeland since the film’s release, I can’t say much about Mat Kilau. But I think there’s much to be said about the Ip Man films lest they be taken as just nationalist films (honestly, if we are looking for ultranationalist counterparts, the film Wolf Warrior 2 fits the bill more).

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