Anwar should not be Pakatan’s sole PM candidate, says DAP’s Loke

Chan Kok Leong

Anthony Loke says Pakatan Harapan should talk more about its reform agenda and not just that Anwar Ibrahim should be prime minister. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, November 27, 2021.

PAKATAN Harapan (PH) must stop insisting that Anwar Ibrahim is its sole candidate for the post of prime minister after the losses suffered at last Saturday’s Malacca elections, Anthony Loke said.

Loke, who is DAP’s national organising secretary, told The Malaysian Insight that the coalition should instead talk more about the reform agenda and not just that Anwar should be prime minister.

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  • Anwar is a liability to DAP and PH. A new PM candidate should be considered.

    Posted 8 months ago by Elyse Gim

  • Anwar will be 78 by next GE. There is a huge gulf between his ideas and the aspirations todays generation. Its time for a new younger PM candidate that can connect with todays people

    Posted 8 months ago by Michael Raj

  • Good. At least someone has spoken up. Like in any large corporate organization, it is only expected for the leader to step aside for lack of performance and bring in a new leader. Only then will PH be taken seriously.

    Posted 8 months ago by Bartok D

  • We concur with you on this, Loke. The country is more important than just one man. Besides, he was given opportunities but he failed miserably. Remember how he kept pacifying Mahathir by sayng " dont rush him" but in the end, Mahathir played him out? Trying to be a nice man and kept saying we could wait......Well, the people are no longer waiting and they want a change given the scenario has changed and there are better leaders

    Posted 8 months ago by Geoff Ng

  • Am I missing something here? Harapan just got drubbed in Malacca and you fellas are discussing about the next PH prime minister? Come down to earth lah!

    Posted 8 months ago by Simple Sulaiman