Big firms, the rich, enjoy lion’s share of economic growth

Sheridan Mahavera

A rubber tapper in Kg Bemban, Jitra, Kedah. Although the income of the working (B40) class has grown, it is not enough to offset higher food and fuel prices. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Hasnoor Hussein, March 2, 2018.

MOST Malaysian households and companies saw little of the stellar economic growth of 2017, said economists, even as the government played up these numbers as proof the country is doing well.

Much of the growth benefitted the country’s richest who saw their incomes rise the most compared with that of the middle (M40) and working (B40) classes going by trends in a latest survey.  

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  • The rich gets richer while the poor gets poorer,bmw malaysia dan mercedes benz malaysia having record sales while proton were left scraping the bottom of the barrel

    Posted 3 years ago by Leslie Chan