Anwar Ibrahim still the man to lead PKR in GE15, say analysts

Angie Tan

Despite calls for him to step aside, analysts say Anwar Ibrahim is still the best person to lead PKR into the 15th general election. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, April 28, 2022.

GIVEN the lack of options, political observers said Anwar Ibrahim is still the best person to lead PKR into the 15th general election despite calls for him to step aside after losing three consecutive state elections in recent months.

However, there are things the former deputy prime minister could do to regain voter confidence in PKR and the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition, which he chairs.

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  • All the so called political analyst are not worth listening to as their opinions are all but the same.

    The truth of the matter is that UMNO and its former ally, PAS succeeded to comprehensively defeat PHs efforts at governing and pushing for their reform agenda. UMNO-PAS strategy to disrupt and politicize all matters from fireman Adam's death to the ratification of ICERD and Rome Statute to labelling Tun Mahathir a puppet of the DAP had riled up their base supporters and to a large extend, the Malay community. UMNO-PAS had used the 3 R's of Race, Religion and Royalty to maximum advantage. Every aspect of PHs initiative is viewed and criticize by them using the 3 R's.

    None of these so called "political analyst" dare to admit that given the toxic climate that existed during the period leading up the the "Sheraton Move" that there was just no way that PH could have continued governing for the full term. Its not about "passing the baton" to Anwar Ibrahim for which Tun Mahathir was severely criticized. Its about defusing the tensions that was building up that could flare up anytime. Its about the existence of the "Deep State" within the civil service that are not loyal to the Govt of the day but to the Malay party, UMNO which had govern for 60+ years.

    Tun Mahathir recognize the real threats and hence has wanted to form a Unity Govt comprising of technocrats and professionals to downplay the 3 R's narratives of UMNO-PAS. But alas, Tun's plan went awry and the rest is history.

    Nurul Izzah is a better political analyst than any of these "professors" when she said that PH may have to wait out 2 election cycles (10 years roughly) in order to have a real shot at regaining power. I believe she is right though it means crushing her father's dream of becoming PM. In the meantime, UMNO will still enjoy the spotlight and if the members are committed to clean governance, they should dump the corrupt leaders and ensure they atone for their misdeeds.

    Posted 2 months ago by Super Duper