Dr Mahathir as Pakatan PM ‘only to win Malay votes’

Mohd Farhan Darwis

THE decision to name Dr Mahathir Mohamad as the opposition’s prime minister candidate is only to draw Malay votes in rural areas but won’t help Malaysia’s long-term struggles towards reform, a forum heard yesterday.

Panellists at the forum said Pakatan Harapan should prioritise reforms badly needed in Malaysia and not whether the former prime minister is the solution.

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  • Pakatan Rakyat won more votes but less seats in Peninsular Malaysia because UMNO won more seats in Malay majority constituencies with fewer electorates. The voters there have benefited from FELDA schemes, and they are UMNO fixed deposit constituencies. Mahathir thinks that he would be able to get some seats with PriBumi appearing as alternate UMNO. And PR minus PAS are willing to let Mahathir become PM so that he could bring in 10 or more MPs for the opposition coalition. It is sad that the country has to rely on a person who is known to have done great harms to the institutions and political system, to break UMNO to end the institutionalized/legalized corruption. Racism is bad, and Mahathir's return proves it.

    The choice in GE 14 is not whether Najib or Mahathir should be PM, it is a choice between UMNO corruption and an end to it. Mahathir said that he would not go one forever. That is an encouragement for PH supporters.

    Posted 5 years ago by Meng Kow Loh

  • Do we want the reign of UMNO-BN to end? If not Dr. M, then who? Can the person replacing Dr. M has the reach to secure the votes?

    All these people condeming PH choice of Dr.M for PM must come up with a name. They can't simply against without a candidate. Azmin? Others agreed? Back to square one? Then the next candidate with experience, money and reach is Jibby. Still not happy? Come up with a name which you think the whole nation accept or STFU. These condemnation ain't helping the cause. Dr.M is 92 years old, how many years he still has? Dr.M is more interested in bringing down Najib than helming the country. He did not get his retirement because there is a plunderer helming the country, someone has got to do it, if PH has the able person, you think Dr. M needs to surface. It is because PH or more appropriately PKR is unable to present itself as the ideal party to lead as practically there is no leadership shown. The reason UMNO is strong is because PKR is weak.

    Posted 5 years ago by Butter Scotch

  • This chegufart is lalang on the fence moaner, who can't offer better suggestions let alone option for voters.

    Posted 5 years ago by Kuasa Rakyat

  • Much as I still harbour distrust against TDM, it's a chicken or egg first tale all over again. Without Bersatu and TDM in the picture, and TSAI ineligible in the next GE, was PH able to name anyone prior to the GE? No where in the world has a party won the elections without a nominated leader. More so if it's a cliff hanger and a leader is required to negotiate with smaller parties to form minority government. This is an unlikely scenario in Malaysia . Having said that, it would be prudent for PH to start publicising what they intend to implement to bring the country back on the right track again, in the event they win. Details required, not just slogans to placate the hard core backers, fence sitters and to win over the conscience of some of the silent supporters of the incumbents.

    Posted 5 years ago by Shovel Nose

  • Panellist, strategists, critics , analysts and idealists stop your hot air blowing. The rakyat knows what needs to be done to get back their country. Do not force your way of thinking and bellowing out non value inputs base on emotional and grudgeful actions. The charade makes it looks like publicity seeking. Can anyone of you in the forum able to commit a winning formulae and your desirable candidates of PM to be for a sure win in this GE 14 . If none plese hold your horses and shut up. We are tired of hypocrites and wannabees hero. None of you even have a battle plan let alone winning a war. When others are hard at work doing the critical task, it is very easy in a forum to be an armchair general and after the election it is over much more easier to be loud and blur monday quaterback. Imbeciles!!!!!!

    Posted 5 years ago by Lee Lee

  • Well, Najib is still PM because ALL OF UMNO ARE CROOKS.

    Posted 5 years ago by Bigjoe Lam