Trump can’t change G7 summit format, EU says

New Delhi says US President Donald Trump has invited the Indian prime minister to join the G7 summit later this year. – EPA pic, June 3, 2020.

THE European Union’s chief diplomat yesterday warned Donald Trump that he does not have the power to change the format of the G7 summit, after the US president said he wants to invite several other countries, including Russia.

Russia was expelled from the club of the world’s leading industrial nations in 2014 after annexing Crimea from Ukraine, but Trump said the current membership is outdated.

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  • Bloated self- declared power to change G7 structure? Mad President of US! He thought he is God.

    Posted 2 months ago by James Wong

  • All playing to the tune of the quack. When the quack is out, those who licked his boots will look silly

    Posted 2 months ago by Concerned Citizen