MTUC blasts Azmin’s ‘more automation’ call

The Malaysian Insight

Malaysian employers have only been paying lip service to automation because they have access to cheap foreign labour, says a major union. – EPA pic, May 3, 2020.

PUTRAJAYA’S call for businesses to automate during the coronavirus crisis is “irresponsible” and “ill-timed”, said the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC), as it will worsen unemployment.

MTUC secretary-general J. Solomon slammed such a call in the wake of thousands of workers suffering pay cuts and forced to take unpaid leave while thousands more risk losing their jobs because of the economic impact of the coronavirus.

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  • He got some money now and thus the brain is to gain power whatever it takes but unfoerunately just short of some good substance in his mind. He is not the material to be the PM bcos he only hang around the super power corridor and forget totally the ground people suffering. Once a leader tasted money , he will be greed of power. Than rakyat should throw him into the dustbin. Not only he forgot about the voters but he abandoned all his second liners comrades who supported him openly in PKR. How can any Malaysian trust this kind of character?

    Posted 4 months ago by James Wong

  • If you think this Azmin is indifferent to the woe of the workforce... Please remember not to give him your vote in the coming GE15... we must use our votes to push for change not to support these OTAK KARATS PENYAMUN

    Posted 4 months ago by Jeffrey Ng