China accuses Malaysia of infringing on its sovereignty in South China Sea

China has accused Malaysia of infringing upon its sovereign rights after the latter asked the UN to determine the limits of its territory in the waters. – EPA pic, December 17, 2019.

CHINA has accused Malaysia of infringing upon its sovereignty after the latter’s submission to the UN to establish the limits of its territory in the South China Sea.

Reuters reported that Beijing had sent a diplomatic note to UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres, saying China has “historic rights in the South China Sea”, where some US$3.4 trillion in goods are transported every year.

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  • PM of Malaysia condemns the USA of placing sanctions on Iran. Look at the demonstrations in Iraq ( as a yardstick). The Iraqi people are on the streets demanding Iran stop interfering in their domestic affairs, corruption and using Iraq as a proxy in wars. That should immediately shut DR M argument. Additionally, DR M criticizes India, as if his roots are not from there. DR M calls himself a bumiputra, only because he is a Muslim. Other Indians from India who are Hindus, Buddhist or Christians are non-Bumiputras. Mana bolih-all came
    from India. India and indians built this country. Indians should be proud.

    While promoting Islam, being the steward for the religion of Islam and criticizing the USA and India-Dr M remains silent about the 1 million Muslims jailed in China. Look at how strong the US has come out against China. Why you keep quiet about all those Muslims suffering Dr M. Trade la? You sell out your principles when it comes to trade. This is the hypocrisy of the Malaysian government policy. There is only 1 person who makes policy and this is called a dictatorship. For Malaysia, to be an internationally recognized country-it must bahve like one. It must treat all its citizens fairly, respecting all religions and condemning nations that hurt any religion-China is one. Call them out!

    Posted 11 months ago by Nyaz Yussoff

  • Joke of the year 2019?

    Posted 11 months ago by H. Mokhtar