Zakir Naik-inspired Islamists sentenced to death for Dhaka massacre

Police escort detainees accused of plotting the Holey Artisan Bakery cafe attack to court for trial in Dhaka, today. Five young men armed with guns and knives stormed the cafe on July 1, 2016 taking dozens hostage and killing 22 people. – AFP pic, November 27, 2019.

ISLAMIST extremists who were inspired by Dr Zakir Naik when they carried out a savage 2016 attack on a Dhaka cafe popular with Westerners were sentenced to death by a Bangladesh court today.

A special anti-terrorism tribunal delivered the verdict in a crowded courtroom in the capital Dhaka, with judge Mojibur Rahman saying the seven attackers condemned to deatch wanted “to draw the attention of Islamic State” group.

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  • Why keep Zakir in Malaysia and enger the Non Muslims and also endanger diplomatic relation with India? Its a lose-lose decision. Is PH not losing enough votes in the recent by election or wait until India stops buying our palm oil?

    Posted 2 years ago by James Wong

  • What do Malaysians stand for? Do you stand for a PM on his own volition supporting radical islamic supporters in Malaysia ( for his own Bersatu Party) to cajole, welcome and give sanctuary to Zakir Naik a know terrorist/criminal. This guy ran away from India in 2016 after his 'fans" led an attack at the Holey Artisan Bakery cafe in Dhaka (Gulshan neighbourhood) and murdered/killed 22 people, 18 of them foreigners.

    Do be mistaken that only Non-Malays are concerned-Millions of Malay/Muslims know that this is a dangerous pill to swallow. Radical Islamic fundamentalism is not Islam. More Muslims are killing Muslims than Non-Muslims in the name of god-a preacher who supports this is Zakir Naik. Anyone who has a different point of view from him is an infidel. Malays dont want Zakir Naik in Malaysia. He must be sent back to India. Mahathir must go-he is too old, and still believes that dictatorship is democracy.

    Posted 2 years ago by Purnama Belachan