Govt mulls expanding diesel subsidy list

Diesel now costs RM3.35 per litre in Peninsular Malaysia. It was previously priced at RM2.15 per litre. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, June 12, 2024.

PUTRAJAYA is considering adding more types of road freight vehicles to the list of those eligible for diesel subsidies, Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Minister Armizan Mohd Ali said.

He said parties have written to his office to consider adding more types of goods vehicles to the list under the subsidised diesel control system (SCDS).

“Other suggestions submitted include increasing the basic quota under SCDS 1.0 for types of public transport vehicles such as school and express buses,” he said in a statement today.

He said the applications would be reviewed by the government agencies, including the Finance and Transport Ministries and the Customs Department.

He said the diesel subsidy approval committee would afterward submit its recommendations to the cabinet.

The retail price of diesel in Peninsular Malaysia was raised to RM3.35 per litre, effective June 10, under the targeted subsidy system. It was previously priced at RM2.15 per litre.

Since the diesel price was floated, it was reported that several companies had informed their customers of price revisions.

In a notice to its customers, a company supplying concrete in Temerloh, Pahang said it anticipated a rise in the prices of raw materials and transport because of the diesel price hike.

In another notice sighted by The Vibes, a tow truck operator said it would be raising its prices. – June 12, 2024.

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