Under Taliban, Kabul’s drug addicts forced into withdrawal

WITH shaved heads, oversized tunics and the terrified gaze of the hunted, the drug addicts rounded up by the Taliban brace for 45 days of painful withdrawal.

For some, the hard-liners’ raids may potentially help them cast off the yoke of addiction.

Yet for many the stay at Kabul’s Ibn Sina centre will just mark a short change of scene, marked by a brutal approach to forcing users off their powerful dependence.

Before the Taliban marched into Kabul on August 15, police in the capital would sometimes arrest addicts and transfer them to the centre.

However, since the hardline Islamists took control, the frequency of raids on areas where addicts gather appears to have increased. – October 22, 2021.

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  • Not bad for a land run by drug barons

    Posted 9 months ago by Thomas Samuel · Reply